Home Care 101: 3 Plumbing Problems a Professional Can Fix

Homeowners face a range of problems of maintaining their home’s different utilities. Anything from electrical wiring concerns to roofing damage can lead to a long day with the trusty toolbox. Unfortunately, many homeowners have developed a habit of handling these issues themselves. Although there’s nothing wrong with being handy with a hammer and screwdriver, there are potential risks to performing DIY repairs and renovations.

The Need to Hire Plumbing Experts

Thanks to the accessibility of online video tutorials, homeowners have the chance to fix simple home problems without having to hire an expert. However, not all complications are easy to repair by simply mimicking a stranger online. For example, issues with your home’s electrical circuit can be dangerous and fatal without the right tools and expertise. This becomes even more dangerous if you’re listening to the wrong instructions for your home’s circuit.

Besides electrical damage, plumbing problems can start small through leaks but end up leading to severe damage to your pipelines. A simple inconvenience repaired improperly can have grave consequences on your entire plumbing system. This is why it’s vital to let an experienced individual oversee your plumbing needs.

In this article, we’ll share three plumbing problems only a professional plumber should fix.

1. Clogs in Your Drains and Toilets

Flushing things down your drains and toilets is an easy way to cause complications with your plumbing systems. Even if you carelessly throw wet wipes, tampons, or even tissue paper down the toilet, these small instances can pile up and cause serious plumbing issues. This habit is even more problematic if you own a septic tank.

Since it’s difficult to remove these clogs without breaking open into your pipes, it’s important to hire a plumbing expert to prevent any further damage. If you attempt to remove these clogs through DIY solutions, you could create leaks or cause pipe misalignment. If your toilets and drains start showing signs of slowed drainage, it’s best to call a professional plumber to assess the full scope of your problem.

2. Malfunctioning Water Heater

Having hot water is an essential need for any home, whether for washing dishes or taking a bath. Although it can seem like a minor inconvenience, a malfunctioning water heater could signify a gas leak or faulty heating components. A professional plumber can assess any heating system you have, whether you have a tankless water heater or a standard heat pump.

3. Root Growth in Your Pipes

If you have a healthy lawn above your plumbing pipelines, tree roots can break through your pipes. This will be noticeable through an odd growth spurt in some patches of your lawn. It’s a sign that your septic tank or pipes are leaking, giving more than enough nutrients to some areas with plants.

This is a difficult issue to repair by yourself, and you’ll need a professional plumber’s tools to get to the root of the problem. They’ll send a camera down your pipes to identify leaks, clogs, or misalignments due to root growth. Afterward, they’ll safely replace your pipes without doing too much damage to your greenery and property structures.


Many homeowners commit the mistake of underestimating their home’s different problems. A chipped roof, a creaky floorboard, and a leaking faucet could be surface-level symptoms of severe and expensive repairs. This is why it’s necessary to put your trust in the right professionals to diagnose and treat your home’s needs.

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