4 Reasons Why Professional Plumbers Are Better than DIY

In the past couple of years, many people have caught on to the DIY home renovation and maintenance trend. With a lot of videos and instructional guides available online, it can be tempting to attempt to do things on your own.

However, when it comes to plumbing, it would still be better to work with licensed experts. After all, plumbing is a trade that is done in accordance with local and national regulations that the common man doesn’t know.

Have you ever been tempted to do plumbing solutions on your own? Here are some reasons that show why hiring professional plumbing services in Columbiana, AL, would be better.

1. If You Install Plumbing Appliances Yourself, Their Warranties Will Be Void

When you purchase plumbing fixtures or appliances, you would be getting a warranty from the manufacturer of the product. In most cases, the warranty is no longer than one year.

While you may be able to save by doing things on your own, you would be sacrificing the warranties of these products if you don’t call in a licensed plumber. Since you will be the one to be maintaining the fixtures and appliances, you may not be able to file warranty-related claims if plumbers didn’t install them.

2. If Your Home Doesn’t Have a Compliance Certificate, You Can’t Sell Your House

Your home must pass local building and safety requirements to be fit for habitation. In order to pass these requirements, your home’s pipes and other plumbing fixtures must be installed by a qualified and licensed plumber.

In order to ensure that your plumbing is up to code, you would need to get a compliance certificate from the local authority. This certificate would be required for your house to be sold in a public auction or during a private sale.

3. If You DIY, You Might Endanger Yourself and Your Family’s Health

There are many bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can be found in the domestic water supply. While most of these wouldn’t harm you if you drink water directly from the faucet, it would cause serious problems if it passed through the plumbing system.

If you try to do plumbing solutions on your own, you might be able to save money. However, you would be risking your health and the health of your family. Hire a professional plumber to ensure that you and your family are safe at all times.

4. If You Don’t Hire a Licensed Plumber, Your Insurance Might Be Void

It’s a fact that insurance companies require you to hire the services of a licensed plumber to keep your home safe. If your home’s plumbing isn’t installed by a licensed plumber, your homeowner’s insurance won’t be honored by your insurance company. Without insurance, you might be responsible for covering any losses or damages that may be incurred due to faulty plumbing.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are several reasons to hire a licensed plumber over doing plumbing solutions on your own. It’s important to know that it takes more than just being able to fix clogs and leaks to be a qualified plumber. It takes years of training and experience to become a licensed plumber.

In the end, you should never try to cut corners when it comes to plumbing. Your home, your insurance, and your health can be at risk when you don’t hire a professional plumber.

If you’re looking for a plumbing company in Columbiana, AL, work with us at Professor Plumb. When you hire us, you hire a team with more than 14 years of experience, so you can expect the best plumbing service for your home. Call us today for an eco-friendly 24/7 plumbing solution.

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