4 Signs It’s Time to Get a Water Heater Replacement

Hot water is vital to having a happy and comfortable home life! Whether it’s to shower, bathe, clean dishes, or prepare meals, hot water is at the core of most activities at home. Unfortunately, not every homeowner takes care of their water heater, leading to problems.

The water heater is often in a section of the home that is often overlooked or taken for granted until it doesn’t work correctly. Some homeowners aren’t even aware that a water heater is as much an appliance as a refrigerator, stove, or dishwasher.

Poorly maintained water heaters can cause various problems, from annoying to downright dangerous. If you want to avoid costly and complicated water heater issues, watch out for these signs so that you know when to get it replaced:

1. Old Age

A water heater should last ten years, but many last even longer, mainly if it’s been properly serviced and cleaned. However, even the best-made water heater begins to give out as it gets older. The average lifespan of a water heater is now only nine years.

Old water heaters can have various problems, such as leaks, mineral build-up, rust, corrosion, and deterioration. Any homeowner should have a water heater replacement every ten years as a safety precaution, although it may not be necessary.

2. Rust in Water

Rust is one of the earliest signs of problems with a water heater. A variety of factors can cause rust to form, including extreme water temperature, the presence of acidic water, and rusting metal water heater parts. 

If you notice rust in your water, you should have a plumbing professional examine your water heater. The presence of rust in water is an early sign that the water heater could be on its way out. 

3. Water Leaks

If you have a water heater leaking, it is probably time to replace it with a new water heater. A water heater that is leaking can waste both water and energy and poses a serious fire hazard.

The average water heater can leak about one gallon per day. A leaky water heater can also result in several other problems, such as damage to the floor, carpet, ceiling, and walls of your home.

4. Knocking Noises

A water heater should be completely silent. If you hear knocking or gurgling noises coming from your water heater, that’s a sign that something is wrong. It could be a sign that the water heater is about to quit working.

This is especially true if the knocking is coming from the area of the water heater where the water is stored. If your water heater has been making gurgling or knocking noises for a long time and you haven’t had it serviced, it could be time for a replacement.


If you see any of these signs, it’s time to call a licensed plumber in your area to have the water heater inspected. As long as you act right away when you notice problems with a water heater, you can avoid a lot of costly and time-consuming water heater problems.

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