4 Types of Damage Problematic Plumbing Can Do to Your House

Damaged plumbing can cause a lot more damage to a property than one might imagine. Even something as simple as a leak can wreak havoc, causing mold growth, unstable foundations, and the like. We cannot state just how damaging problematic plumbing is to your home. 

That said, if you’re here today to really understand what kind of damages and cost you can expect from leaky plumbing, keep on reading. We’ll outline the various damage it can do to your house:

1. Mold Growth

One of the most common concerns homeowners have is mold growth due to leaky plumbing. This is a valid concern for homeowners, especially if you have leaky faucets or the leak is in your roof. Mold tends to grow best in warm and humid environments. When you have plumbing leaks in your house, you have an environment that provides just that. The longer you neglect the leak, the more likely it will cause damage. And one of these damages is mold growth.

For this reason, it’s vital to contact a plumber immediately after discovering the leak. They will assess the issue and provide you with cost-effective solutions.

2. Foundation Damage

Leaks in your plumbing system can also damage your foundation. When water seeps into your foundation and sits there for too long, it can cause a lot of damage. This is because the moisture from the water will soften the concrete. After some time, this softening can cause the concrete to erode, forming cracks and making your foundation unstable.

The longer you neglect the leak, the more severe the damage becomes. And if you want to prevent foundation damage caused by leaky plumbing, contact a plumber immediately. They’ll help prevent your home from sustaining further damage.

3. Water Damage

If you have a leak in your plumbing system, your floors could also potentially sustain damage. Over time, the water from the leak can cause your flooring to rot or cause staining. Additionally, if the leak is in your roof, water can leak through the ceiling and onto the floors. This water can cause further staining on your floor, as well as rotting in the long run.

Again, if you notice any leaks in your plumbing, contact plumbers right away. Water damage can be costly to fix, especially if left to worsen over time.

4. Equipment Damage

If the leak is severe enough, it can also damage your appliances. This is especially true if it is a leaky hose or faucet. For example, when you run a leaky hose, the force of the water coming out will cause the hose to wear out faster. This is because the force of the water can cause the hose to burst or wear out the inside of the hose. A faucet that leaks can also cause a lot of damage to your sink. This is because the force of the water, again, can cause the sink to wear out faster.

Calling a plumber, once again, is the best thing you can do here. Sure, you can implement temporary solutions, but only a plumber will be able to address the issue long-term to give you peace of mind and save your wallet and home.


Leaky plumbing is something that, if left unaddressed, can cause a lot of damage to your home. We hope that this article helps raise awareness of just how much more damage broken plumbing can cause. If you have noticed any leaks in your plumbing, or if you want to better understand the plumbing in general, contact a plumber right away! They can help you understand what kind of repairs your plumbing needs and estimate the costs as well. Don’t wait to call a plumber either, as the longer you wait, the more damage problematic plumbing will cause!

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