5 Reasons Why a Blocked Drain Dangerous in a Household

As much as possible, we would like our homes to be sparkling clean. Every space, even the less noticed areas, should be checked to avoid contamination in the household. However, there are instances when drains are left unchecked, leaving microbes to grow and reproduce in the home.

Although it isn’t an urgent concern, leaving the drains uncleaned and blocked for too long may bring danger to everyone at home. A blocked drain can have various negative effects on the structural integrity of the house. They are easily blocked by debris, small objects, food, and grease, dirtying the water and blocking its flow. But what other adverse effects do clogged drains have on a household?

1. Unpleasant Smell

A blocked drain causes water and waste to accumulate in the pipes. In effect, the stagnant water and sewage waste produce unpleasant odors. The terrible smell might cause headaches and nausea, which can be dangerous in the long run.

Clogs also dry out the pipes as they block the water flow. Therefore, the smell produced by wastewater is not soaked up by the moisture and water flow. It worsens the already terrible odor. To avoid unpleasant odors circulating in the household, make sure to hire a professional drain cleaning company for help.

2. Structural Damage

More than health concerns, a drain blockage also affects the house’s structural integrity. The backflow of water from the drains may soak into the foundations, weakening them and eventually causing them to rot. 

In some instances, the backflow of water from the gutters can even cause flooding all over the house, soaking the house’s foundation. It’s best to have a cleaning company check for drainage problems, leaks, or anything that might weaken a house’s foundation.

3. Mold and Pest Infestation

Stagnant water is an ideal venue for pests to reproduce. Mosquitoes and other insects are attracted to stagnant water and may lay eggs. After a few months, you will find yourself and your house in the middle of a pest infestation. Aside from pests, stagnant water can also cause mildew and mold growth at home. Like the walls, floorboards, and other house materials become soaked in water, and they become ideal breeding grounds for harmful fungi that can be dangerous for the family’s health.

4. Contaminated Water

Clogged drains can cause contamination in the primary water source in the household. As waste passes through the blocked pipe, the dirty and contaminated water doesn’t pass through and may flow backward. In effect, the water source may get contaminated, which will cause many problems if left untreated. Remember to be vigilant and observe if your drain is blocked to ensure that it doesn’t contaminate other water sources in the area.

5. Leakages

Leaks are the most common signs of clogged drains. Since the water doesn’t pass through the pipes correctly, the water pressure may find other exits, which may cause leaks to develop along other lines in the household. 

If there is a leak somewhere, it is an excellent sign that there may be a blockage somewhere that needs to be checked right away. Although leaks don’t seem too concerning at first, remember that stronger leaks may cause flooding and are a great breeding ground for bacteria.


Since keeping our house clean is our priority as homeowners, it is important to check even unnoticed areas, such as drains. Although the problem starts as a small blockage, it might progress into something more dangerous, such as leaks or even flooding. Remember to maintain your drains.

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