5 Signs That You Need to Service Your Tankless Water Heater

Your water heater is vital to keeping your home running smoothly. If it stops working, you won’t be able to shower, flush the toilet, and some other basic tasks will become problematic. For this reason, you need to keep your water heater in good shape.

Not sure how to do this? The best way is to watch for these five signs that your water heater may need servicing.

In this article, we’ll share five signs indicating that your water heater needs servicing.

1. Your Water Isn’t Hot at All or Won’t Stay Hot

The clearest sign you need to get your water heater serviced is that your room temperature water isn’t hot. The purpose of a water heater is to heat water, after all.

You won’t hesitate to call a plumber at this point when you can’t use your bath or shower or even run the washing machine. Hot water is essential to so many everyday tasks that skipping your shower just means you’ll go dirty longer.

If you are losing hot water at the end of your shower, this is usually caused by sediment buildup. The average shower lasts around 8 minutes. This is nowhere near enough time for hot water to run out. 

2. Your Water Pressure Is Off

The minerals in tap water do not stay in the pipes for long. Still, your water heater can become filled with various minerals over time, as it is exposed to contaminated water every time you use it.

These minerals cling to the water heater, restricting its passageways. Without a full range of piping working correctly, the pressure throughout your home will be inconsistent. This results in some areas of your home receiving higher or lower pressure than normal.

If this is the case with your home, you are dealing with a problem that can only be fixed by a plumber.

3. Your Water Heater Is Shutting Off Randomly

When a water heater is defective, it can shut off randomly. This will happen if you have a defective thermostat. 

If the thermostat fails or becomes damaged, the water heater will naturally shut down, causing additional strain on the water heater’s components. This can lead to overheating and the heater shutting off randomly several times while in use.

4. Your Water Heater Screen Indicates Errors

Today, most water heaters have digital screens, which are great because they can tell their users about problems and troubleshooting tips. If your digital screen flashes a warning signal, then you should take it seriously.

It might not mean that you have a significant problem right now. Still, it does signal a potential for severe complications soon. If this is the case, bring in your local plumber to fix the issue. They will find the cause and then make the necessary repairs.

5. Leaking in the Tankless Water Heater

If hot water is leaking from your heater, it’s typically a sign of a problem that needs immediate fixing. Call a plumber to inspect it and perform routine cleaning or maintenance work on your tankless water heater. 

It can include some or all of these maintenance work:

  • Water flushing to remove minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium that can cause water heater problems. 
  • A routine pressure relief valve check for water pressure, calcium buildup, and clogging. 
  • Thermostat calibration to avoid overheating. 
  • Check the tank if replacement is necessary. (Find out what the warranty covers before making any final decisions.)

Call a Pro for Water Heater Maintenance

Schedule regular inspections with your plumber so they can spot minor issues before they become big problems. Although you can do routine maintenance on your water heater, you should have a plumber inspect it every year. They will examine the water heater thoroughly to ensure no trouble spots. They’ll also clean out the tank, ensuring that it’s operating at an optimal level.

You can schedule regular inspections with your plumber. That way, they will spot small issues, and you avoid ending up with a clogged tank.

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