How to Tell You’re Experiencing a Gas Leak at Home

If you live in the US, you likely rely on natural gas to run your appliances and other fixtures, such as your heating and water system, found in your house. However, during unforeseeable situations, some residents can encounter a gas leak.

Various signs could indicate you’re experiencing a gas leak on your property. You should be aware of what they are to ensure you keep you and your family safe at all times. Once you figure out what’s happening, you have to call for a gas fitter and installation services. 

As much as possible, do not attempt to handle the situation on your own, or you could put yourself in more danger. Keep reading below to find out the common signs that will prove you have a gas leak.

You Smell an Odor Resembling Rotten Egg

Modern-day gas manufacturers have added Mercaptan to their products, a chemical that provides natural gas with a noticeable odor. That way, it helps homeowners figure out if they are facing a gas leak in their household while the situation is still manageable.

The moment you get a whiff of rotten egg or sulfur in your home, it’s an evident symptom that there’s a gas leak present in your surroundings. What you should do is gather your family members and rush outside and call a plumbing company to address your situation.

You Experience Sickness and Exhaustion

If you or any of your loved ones become exposed to a gas leak happening in your house without your knowledge, it could put your health at risk. The symptoms you can get are feeling sick, weak, and nauseous.

Other health concerns stemming from a gas leak are feeling suffocated or getting a headache. When you feel unusually sick without an apparent cause, it could mean a gas leak is present, and the best thing to do is call for an ambulance or rush to the hospital to get treated right away.

You Have Skin Conditions Suddenly Appearing

If you or your family members start to acquire symptoms of skin irritation, it could also be due to a gas leak happening behind your house’s walls, beneath your floors, or above your ceiling. When there is a significant amount of natural gas in the air, people can feel numb and form blisters on their skin.

Other than that, failing to realize you’re having a gas leak and continuing your routine at home like normal could lead to worse skin conditions. After becoming exposed to carbon monoxide for some time, your skin could face discoloration unless you call plumbing services ASAP.

You Witness the Plants in Your Garden Are Wilting

Besides the pipes you can see in your bathroom and kitchen, you can expect that there’s an array of lines underneath your property. They work to help operate your various appliances and hardware with natural gas. 

Unfortunately, they can go through wear and tear over time and experience damage. When a gas line breaks, the pipe will release the gas into the open air and absorb oxygen. As a result, the available oxygen that keeps your garden healthy becomes insufficient for your plants, leading them to begin wilting, and eventually dying.


The next time you smell rotten eggs, experience sickness and exhaustion, have skin conditions suddenly appearing, and witness your plants wilting, they are sure signs of a gas leak. If you wish to tackle the situation while it’s still early, you should take your family to a safe place outside, contact a plumber offering gas fitting services, and wait for help to arrive.

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