How to Fix 3 of the Most Common Plumbing Issues at Home

When you have plumbing problems at home, you naturally want to have them fixed as soon as possible. Either it is because the problem becomes annoying enough to disrupt your activities at home, or it increases your water bill exponentially.

In light of that, there are some common sink plumbing issues that you can fix by yourself. Read through this article to find out.

1. Clogged Kitchen Sink

You definitely do not have to call a plumber so quickly when your kitchen sink suddenly acts up. Understandably, a clogged kitchen sink can be a pain, but you can try to fix it yourself using a plunger. You may think that plungers are only for slow drawing toilets, but no. They can work on clogged sinks too!

Here is how you can unclog a kitchen sink using a plunger.

First, make sure that the plunger you have is c-shaped. Get a rag and plug up the overflowing opening of the sink. Once the opening is completely covered, put the plunger in place and fill the sink with enough water to cover the cup. This will create a tight seal.

Then, start moving the plunger up and down quickly. If the seal between the sink surface and the plunger cup breaks and the water starts draining, you have finally managed to unclog your sink. If plunging quite a few times doesn’t work, please contact your local plumber for professional assistance.

2. Low Water Pressure

Problems with water pressure usually occur in the sink faucet. First, you can check if both cold and hot water have low water pressure. If they do, your aerator is most probably blocked and needs some fixing. Build-ups like calcium deposits can easily block your aerator, which then leads to low water pressure.

To fix this problem, take the aerator from the faucet. You can easily do it by unscrewing by hand, but you can also use pliers to do so. The mineral deposits or grit can also be cleaned by hand, but using a pin to poke the screen openings is another possible solution.

However, if the screen is already rusted, consider replacing it as soon as possible. After cleaning the aerator, you can now put it back on the faucet and make sure to tighten it to prevent water leaks.

3. Jammed Garbage Disposal

Here’s an essential thing you should think of—if you will not eat it, do not put it in your garbage disposal. Not everything can be poured down the disposal, but many people do it anyway, which leads to jamming.

If your garbage disposal gets jammed, you can use an Allen wrench to fix it. Unplug your disposal unit, check which object is causing the jam, and remove it using the Allen wrench. Run cold tap water after doing this. In worst-case scenarios, you can get expert plumbers to help you.

Final Thoughts

While there are ways you can fix your plumbing issues by yourself, it is better to call in professionals to handle more complex issues. Most of the time, DIY repairs lead to temporary solutions, but you will still encounter problems in the long run. When you hire experts, you can rest assured that knowledgeable professionals and specialized equipment take care of your residential plumbing system.

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