Calling Your Plumbers to Handle the Gas Lines in Your Home

Water-related problems are what most people picture when they consider calling a plumber. But remember that your home’s gas systems also rely on a system of pipes, so you’ll need a plumber for any propane or natural gas installation or problem.

Having to deal with natural gas should not be attempted without the proper training and safety equipment. A licensed plumber can inspect your gas line for leaks, install new gas lines, relocate old lines, and make sure everything is done correctly and safely. Air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and air cleaning (HVAC) units, water heaters, stoves, fireplaces, and even heated pools and outdoor barbecues can all benefit from the expertise of a gas plumber.

In order to get the required building permit and figure out if your chimney requires a liner or not, you’ll want to hire a plumber if you’re going to install a gas fireplace. If you want to have a whole-house generator installed, you’ll also need the services of a plumber. Natural gas is connected directly to the generator, eliminating the need to worry about running out of fuel. These systems are a popular option due to their reliability and low cost.

If something goes wrong, having legal options is another reason to choose a professional plumber. Your homeowner’s insurance coverage will be null and void if a gas line is put in your home by someone who is not a certified plumber.

Why Are Gas Line Inspections So Vital?

Up until the gas meter, the gas provider is responsible for maintenance, but after that, it’s the homeowner’s responsibility. The gas pipes and appliances should be checked regularly. You should invest in a gas line inspection as part of your regular house maintenance. As well as posing major safety and health issues, leaking gas pipes will adversely affect the efficiency of your water heater, stove, and fireplace. A little leak may go undiscovered for some time before it grows into a major one.

Sometimes the sole sign of a gas leak is an unexpected increase in your power bill. Corrosion and line exposure are two more maintenance issues that could cause complications. As time passes, the gas lines in your home deteriorate and develop corrosion, particularly at the points where the lines link to appliances like the stove and the water heater. For this reason, if you see any corrosion on your pipes, you may want to replace them before they start leaking. While it is necessary for gas lines to be exposed to facilitate hookup, if a line has become exposed due to erosion or extreme weather, you should have a plumber take a look at it.


Indeed, natural gas is something most of us take for granted on a daily basis, yet its importance should not be underestimated. Plumbers are necessary for the upkeep of the complex piping system in our homes, providing us with such luxuries as hot showers and other modern amenities.

If you smell gas, see water leaking from a gas line, or hear a hissing noise, you should evacuate the area immediately and call your gas company. If you have a gas leak, do not try to fix it yourself – leave it to the professionals.

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