Preserving Drains for the Summer: What the Heat Can Do To Your Pipes

Homeowners know the nightmare of dealing with frozen pipes during winter, but the snow melting away doesn’t liberate your plumbing system from troubles on the horizon. Summer may call for tan lines and fun times, but the heat can beat down on your pipes, too, and cause them to burst. 

What are the Risks Summer Brings to Your Plumbing System?

  • Expanding pipes;
  • Coldwater turning hot; 
  • Higher risks of clogged garbage disposals; 
  • Drain strain due to extensive water usage; 
  • Sewer line backups;

Not to mention, water usage skyrockets during hotter months, so it doesn’t help how there’s already a lot of pressure on your plumbing system as the season reaches its solstice. The intense heat and high humidity can spell trouble for your pipes and drains; that’s why the guide below should prepare your plumbing system for the long summer ahead. 

Ways to Protect Your Plumbing System During Summer 

Tip #1: Paint Your Pipes

Every home needs a good insulation system to regulate indoor temperatures, but your plumbing system needs to stay refreshed too. The heat, humidity, and the sun’s UV rays can cause triple trouble for your pipes by causing the material to expand, which leaves it vulnerable to bursting anytime soon. 

Pipes that expand lower your home’s water pressure too, which can cause inconvenience especially at a season that demands more water usage. With that in mind, painting your PVC piping outside your home can safeguard it against UV rays and lower its risk of expanding. 

If you can insulate your pipes, it’s a better and long-term solution that can protect your pipes during sunny and freezing weather too. 

Tip #2: Clean Drains Regularly 

Summer is the time where outdoor festivities run high, from animals waking from their slumber to the growth of new shrubberies. This makes for a livelier environment, but all the nature-driven happenings increase the chances of your drains clogging. Drains can also develop mold during summer due to the excess moisture in the air, so your drains will need extra TLC. 

Tip #3: Check Out for Leaks 

The ground during summer can shift due to the intense heat causing it to crack, which means it can impact your plumbing system and cause leaks. Vegetative growth and tree roots seeking water can also clash with your sewer line, so it’s important to keep your eyes open and check out potential leaks before the problem worsens. 

The Bottom Line: Caring For Your Drains and Beating the Summer Heat 

The high sun beating down on your home can mark the start of a wonderful summer, but it can also mean you’re in for a series of plumbing disasters if you don’t care for your drains amid all this heat. 

Caring for your pipes regularly can be tiring, though, but hiring professional plumbing experts can get the job done easily with lasting results! 

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