How to Find the Right Fixture for Your Bathroom Renovation

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom soon? Fixing and upgrading the look of one’s bathroom can immediately increase the resale value of the house, in case there’s a plan to sell it. It is also the homeowner’s chance to improve its energy efficiency and add functionality. More importantly, it is finally time to improve the look of old bathroom fixtures. 

Of all the changes a homeowner can bring to the bathroom, the fixture change is something that they have direct control over. With many options to choose from, finding the right one for your bathroom can be so complicated. The good news is that there are four important things that could help you make decision-making faster:

1: The Style 

When buying the bathroom fixtures, you need to follow at least the theme of the whole room. Decide on what look you are after. Simply choosing whether to have modern fixtures or traditional fixtures would be a good start.

2: The Lifestyle

You also need to recognize the kind of lifestyle you live when choosing the fixtures for your bathroom renovation. Are you living on your own, or do you have kids to manage? If you have young kids at home, will they use that bathroom? You need to be practical and choose child-friendly fixtures if so. Otherwise, you are free to choose whatever you like. 

3: The Budget

Fixtures come in different sizes, kinds, and prices. For some, the price is their determining factor. If you already have a budget in mind, it would be easier for you to limit your choices based on the given amount to spend. If you want to make big savings, buying wholesale or from outlet stores can provide you with more practical pricing.

4: The Compatibility

If you have no plan to replace all fixtures in your home, the job will be easier and more practical for you. Still, the challenge is considering the existing fixtures at home when purchasing a new fixture. As much as possible, you would want all of them to go well together. 

You need to consider the size that is appropriate for your existing bathroom, the materials that would look good together with them, the location you plan to place them, and of course, the existing plumbing system at home. 

Some Practical Tips to Help You During Renovation

You might also find these tips helpful on the day of the renovation:

  • Make sure all fixtures and fittings you need are complete and on-hand before you start your renovation. They would help keep the renovation ball rollin’. Otherwise, the project would be put off and become a wasteful effort for everyone. 
  • Although contractors are supposed to be familiar with all fixtures and fittings, new designs and technology come out every day. It would be best if you keep the technical data about them on hand, just in case your contractor asks for one.
  • Consider all the plumbing situations in your house. Renovations are an excellent excuse to get a better plumbing setup in your home. Decide on this early so you can relay your plans well with your contractors. 
  • Finally, take lots of photos during the process for documentation purposes, especially before the walls are covered up. Those photos can help you in the future, should something happen. 


Making home improvements is a good investment you can benefit from in the future. A house with modern-looking or fully renovated bathrooms often sells at a higher price than properties with outdated bathrooms. Furthermore, living in a house built according to your liking can make you feel more comfortable, satisfied, and fulfilled.  

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