4 Ways Hard Water Can Affect Your Home’s Plumbing System

Hard water refers to water that is rich in minerals gathered from the environment. The two most common minerals in hard water are magnesium and calcium, which can negatively affect your home’s plumbing system despite being safe for human consumption.

There are various signs that hard water is putting your home at risk. Fortunately, you can quickly fix these issues by installing a water softener. However, if you think hard water can cause no harm to your home, you are wrong as it can affect plumbing. 

This article will discuss how plumbing is put at risk by hard water. Read on to learn the ways hard water can cause plumbing problems.

How Hard Water Can Cause Plumbing Concerns

Generally, hard water creates a problem with the lack of suds from shampoo or soap, primarily concerning cosmetics. Hard water can also reduce water heater lifespan, increase scale build-up inside pipes, and damage boilers and other appliances.

Hard water is detrimental to plumbing systems. Repeated exposure can result in limescale build-up, clogging of drains, and reduction of water quality. In particular, here’s a detailed list of ways how hard water can cause plumbing concerns: 

1. Clogs Plumbing

If you live with hard water, stains are the least of your concerns. Hard water can cause clogged drains.

Clogged plumbing can result in sanitation hazards. The reaction of hard water with soap can generate soap scum that hardens into solid blockages.

More so, you may find clogs on the inside of your pipes, which may lead to joinery gaps and pinhole leaks. Address this problem right away by contacting a trusted Columbiana plumbing and drain service provider.

2. Leaves Unsightly Limescale

Fortunately, substances from hard water don’t impact the health of drinking water. However, it can create an unsightly scale.

Limescale can build up from anywhere where you use hard water, whether you use it for culinary or irrigation purposes. You will always observe limescale forming from the drip pan at the bottom of your water dispenser or refrigerator’s indoor ice to the jets inside your bathtub. 

3. Increases Soap Residues

If you live with hard water, you may assume you need more dish soap, laundry detergent, or shampoo, increasing soap residues. Unfortunately, using extra soap can be disadvantageous as it drives up your budget and may damage certain materials. More so, excess soap can damage your appliances.

4. Makes Plumbing Fixtures Less Effective

Hard water can interrupt water sprayers. As it passes through tight spaces, such as spray jets on dishwasher arms and showerheads, it results in blockages, making plumbing fixtures and appliances less effective. As the spray jets get clogged more significantly, less water can pass through the space, interfering with cleaning and straining certain devices.

Final Thoughts

Hard water can undeniably cause plumbing problems in different ways. Eventually, these problems can even escalate into further damage to your home. So, as soon as you notice a sight of these concerns, contact the professionals right away.

In case of any issues with hard water, work with us at Professor Plumb. We are the best plumbing and drain service in Columbiana, AL. With over 20 years of experience, you can have peace of mind that experts will handle the job. Call us at (205) 583-7062 to learn more.

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