Easy Maintenance Tips to Extend Your Water Heater’s Lifespan

Regular maintenance is a crucial step which is often overlooked, and it can help you save money by keeping your water heater running smoothly and prolonging its lifespan.

A water heater that is regularly maintained will provide you with hot water that is free of contaminants, last longer, and ease your electric bill. Consumers who depend on their water heaters for bathing, cooking, showering, and laundry, should make it a priority to maintain their water heater systems to ensure they are working properly.

With that being said, here are some important things you should know about maintaining your water heater:

Tip #1: Conduct Regular Maintenance Checks

Conducting regular maintenance checks can help you to save money and prevent issues from popping up. As a result, we recommend you conduct a check-up on your tank-style or tankless water heater at least once every six months. 

It is important to stay on top of your water heater maintenance if you want to ensure it works well. If you are not sure if your water heater is functioning properly, you can call a plumbing service to inspect it and tell you what you need to do.

Tip #2: Always Check the Anode Rod

There is an anode rod that is placed in the water heater, and you should always check it. This is because the anode rod is responsible for preventing corrosion and slowing down the damage that is caused by the anode rod in your water heater. The anode rod is a metal rod that is designed to absorb electrical charges as it is made mostly of aluminum.

Without anode rods, your water heater can be damaged by corrosion and rust, which can lead to leaks and higher water bills. Regularly inspecting the anode rod is recommended, and it is a good idea to replace your anode rods when it looks worn. 

Tip #3: Test the Temperature Pressure-Relief Valve

This temperature pressure-relief valve is an important part of your water heater because it is able to lift the temperature of the water to a point where it can be released into the cold water. Before the valve releases the hot water, it opens to release the hot water, and this can cause an increase in your water bill if the temperature pressure-relief valve is malfunctioning.

Tip #4: Assess Gas Lines

The gas line is used to provide power to your water heater’s burner, and it is important to check your gas line on a regular basis. The gas line is in a dangerous location because it is near the gas supply, but you can make sure you are keeping the gas line safe by cleaning it and keeping it free of debris.

The Bottom Line: Making the Most of Your Water Heater with the Constant TLC

A water heater is an important appliance in any home, and it can be challenging to maintain. However, you should make it a priority to maintain your water heater every six months to keep it working smoothly and reduce the chances of being stuck with a high water bill.

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