Top 10 Things That Should Never Go Down Your Drain

Many people have had the annoying and destructive habit of using the garbage disposal instead of a trash container to get rid of their waste. This is something that they do on a daily basis without even thinking about it. What they don’t realize is that this might end up destroying their plumbing system and costing a lot of money in repairs!

In this article, we’ll go through the top things that cause blockage, environmental pollution, and other significant issues if you drop them down the drain.

1. Coffee Grounds

It is true that you can turn your coffee grounds into DIY garbage disposal cleaners to remove any foul smell. However, dumping too much of it can turn into a pile of gunk that will settle in your drain and block your pipes. This is because they turn to a densely packed, paste-like wad after you take them out of the filter.

2. Animal Bones

Small bone splinters will never be disposed of effectively when flushed down the drain. Aside from that, if you have disposal impellers installed, they will not be able to grind these small bones down.

3. Pasta

Pasta expands when soaked in water. Because of this, they can easily block your drain. A few food scraps that fell off your plate and into the sink wouldn’t be a problem. But dumping a bowl of pasta leftovers down the sink is something you should never do.

4. Bread

Just like pasta, some loaves of bread contain semolina which will continue to swell once it goes down the sink. It will block drains and cause future plumbing problems. 

5. Nuts

Again, food waste that is too hard may damage the impellers of your garbage disposal. Professional plumbers will likely be able to fix these issues, but it is a problem that is easily avoidable in the first place!

6. Peels and Rinds

The outer layer of your favorite fruits and vegetables should never find its way down the drain since it can easily cause clogging. These include but are not limited to potato peels, onion skins, and orange and lemon peels. Better to just dispose of them into a compost heap and help the environment that way!

7. Flour

If you love to make fried chicken or bake pastries, do not throw away your excess flour down the drain. Flour coagulates and hardens inside of drainage pipes.

8. Grease, Oil, and Fat

These everyday cooking products and residues contribute to nearly fifty percent (over thirty thousand) of all sewer overflow across the United States. They can easily cause drain blockages, especially when mixed with other waste. These include cooking oil, melted animal fat, butter, salad dressings, mayonnaise, and fat drippings, among many others.

9. Trash

It might be called a “garbage” disposal, but it is no place for you to throw away your trash. Many people tend to dispose of things like paper towels, wipes, cotton balls, food wrappers, and even condoms down the drain. However, these things do not break down or disintegrate. They will either soak up water or block the waterway.

10. Cleaning Solutions

These solutions contain antibacterial agents, phosphates, and other compounds that can harm water’s ecosystems and kill the organisms responsible for breaking down waste in your drain. You should switch to natural alternatives instead!


It might be tempting to use your sink’s drain like a trash can, whether you’re cooking in a hurry or simply attempting to get rid of stuff you don’t need. However, some of the things you flush down might have a detrimental influence on you, the environment, and your home plumbing system. Make sure to properly dispose of your garbage to avoid future issues.

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