Typical Issues You May Have with Your Home Water Heater

One of the most crucial appliances in any household is the water heater. It generally falls under “out of sight, out of mind,” but in truth, hot water is something everyone depends on a lot. So the smallest problems can be major issues that can cause chaos in your household. 

Hot water is relied on by households for the likes of:

  • Bathing
  • Cleaning
  • Cooking

Home water heaters can experience rather typical, prominent issues that require extensive repair or replacements. It’s crucial to have at least a working knowledge in order to diagnose what’s going on for proper steps to be taken. 

Read on to learn more about typical issues you may have with your home water heater.

Extreme Temperatures

Water that’s too hot or too cold despite thermostat adjustments is definitely an issue. The thermocouple might need to be cleaned for the sensors to work well. If the problem is bad enough, it may have to be replaced entirely. 

It should be noted that too-cold water indicates the high likelihood of a gas flow concern. When the gas flow is limited or insufficient, the burner won’t be able to do its job to heat the water you need for your shower, bath, laundry, or dishwasher.

Not Having Any Hot Water

A tank that’s full of water that isn’t hot at all is definitely a problem. Needless to say, the heat source is probably to blame. When it comes to gas water heaters, there’s likely a bad pilot light or faulty gas connection. If the gas isn’t igniting despite the pilot light being on, the burner is probably the culprit. A replacement will be in order then. 

Electric water heaters likely have electrical connection concerns and heating elements that aren’t working well, if at all. Heaters with an electronic ignition system are newer. In those cases, check your water heater’s circuit in your breaker box. It might have been tripped, and if it was, a quick reset should fix it.

Water Leaks

Some water heater issues are more common than others, and the most prevalent one among households is easily water leaks. A pressure relief valve or an overflow pipe can be a likely source. In truth, water generally corrodes a tank over time. Microscopic fractures and cracks will eventually show up. Tank corrosion has no remedies and means the water heater needs to be replaced.

That said, leaks don’t always mean it’s the tank itself that has an issue. A leak that seems to be coming from the tank’s topside may indicate loose water connections. Inspect both the hot water out pipes and cold water inlet pipes to ensure they’re properly connected. Are they loose or rattling one way or another?

A leak that seems to be coming from the tank’s bottom, on the other hand, might have condensation issues. In that case, a simple adjustment of the thermostat can fix things.


Home water heaters are a huge help because everyone is dependent on hot water for many important daily routines. That said, certain common issues may arise at some point. This can include water leaks, extreme temperatures, and not having any hot water.

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