The Practical Reasons to Switch to Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are more efficient than most standard water heating techniques. This is due mainly to their ability to offer hot water on demand while saving energy on heating water that isn’t being used. Tanks contain hot water and heat the entire tank even when not used. When you require hot water, the heater has to reheat the whole tank, which wastes electricity.

Here are the reasons why consider switching to tankless water heaters:

Saves Space

Tankless heaters provide several unique advantages over typical tank units, which aren’t currently commonly used in the United States market (despite being used for years in Europe). Instead of large storage tanks, tankless gas types can be installed everywhere there is electricity, eliminating the need for extra room in your home or yard. 

You can even install them inside your house without worrying about excessive heat levels, and they are easy to relocate if you need a little extra space in the future.


Some believe tankless water heaters are less efficient than other heaters, such as those that use convection or resistor coils. On the other hand, tankless systems provide an average heating performance strikingly similar to that of a standard gas water heater. 

The main advantage of these devices is that they give hot water when needed without wasting energy. A typical gas tank unit will constantly lose some heat because it is not used and reheated regularly.

Straightforward Installation

Installing one of these in your home requires no gas connections or hot water plumbing systems. All you have to do is place it somewhere next to an electrical outlet, which anyone with a basic understanding of electrical circuits and plumbing can do – ensure the unit is correctly grounded! 


The typical lifespan of an electric unit is 20-25 years, so this investment should last a long time, keeping your energy bills low and preventing you from having to replace it until you can manage the installation on your own. When difficulties arise, most people can learn how to operate and repair these water heaters. 

Suppose you need another reason to consider installing a tankless system in your home. In that case, most utility companies offer discounts for new homes that utilize alternative energy sources and incentives

Requires Less Maintenance

Maintenance is only required after ten years of service. Inspecting the anode rod as you would with a tank heater is unnecessary. Keep your filter clean at all times and no sediment buildup in your incoming water supply, and you should be fine for many years. 

Remember that if your tankless water heater requires maintenance, you must know how deep your good pump is. If you have a tanked water heater and are using electricity to heat the water, consider a tankless unit instead. 

A tanked water heater usually heats the water to about 140 degrees (Fahrenheit use), and when the water is heated for you, much of it will be wasted. A tankless one will heat the water to the required temperature while wasting little or no energy.


Switching to tankless water heaters offers numerous practical benefits, making them a compelling choice for homeowners. The primary advantage of tankless systems is their exceptional efficiency in providing hot water on demand, eliminating the need to heat and store water in a tank continuously. This energy-saving feature reduces utility bills and minimizes the wastage of electricity.

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