Your Checklist for Preparing Plumbing for Cold Temps

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Cold weather is officially here- have you prepared your house? Many communities in Central Alabama have already experienced freezing temperatures and there’s more to come. If you haven’t already, now is the time to get your plumbing winter ready inside and outside your house. It’s so important to prep your house ahead of time, in order to help prevent a plumbing emergency. If you ever do have a plumbing emergency, remember to call your Columbiana plumbing company, Professor Plumb. Here’s our go-to list for a friendly reminder on what needs to be done inside and out before the next freeze:


  • Identify any problem pipes based off of previous leaks or frozen pipes. If you need any help identifying problem areas that need to be insulated, contact us!
  • Insulate said problem pipes with heat tape or other similar products. 
  • Show everyone in your household how to turn off the house’s water source (if they don’t already know), just in case you do experience a busted pipe and need to shut off the water until your Professor Plumb technician arrives to fix the problem. 

Remember to keep faucets dripping and keep cabinets open under your sinks to make sure your pipes have access to warm air when the temperatures stay below freezing. Put a basin, bottle, or something similar under the faucet to catch the dripping water to use elsewhere the following day.


  • Disconnect water hoses
  • Drain the water from your outdoor faucets and garden hoses
  • Store garden hoses and other outdoor equipment in a shed, garage, or basement
  • Cover spigots with your preferred insulated option 
  • Have in-ground sprinkler system blown out by professionals

Additional Preparation

Now that you’ve taken care of the plumbing checklist, it’s important to remember that there are other things that need to be cleaned, inspected, sealed, etc. during these colder months for your home’s safety and comfort. These aren’t services we provide, but we want to remind of them anyway. 

  • Furnace

Hire an HVAC professional to perform a routine maintenance checkup so that you can hopefully avoid any issues this Winter and not have to go without heat. Make sure vents are cleaned out, filters are replaced, and furnace ducts are sealed if they aren’t already. 

Remember to have a professional inspect and clean the chimney before use if you use your fireplace frequently. This will help prevent health issues and hazardous accidents.

  • Windows and Doors

Test door frames and window frames to see if they’re drafty- a quick, easy way to test for drafty doors and windows is to light an exposed candle (not the kind in a jar) and hold it in front of the door frame or windowsill. If the flame blows away from the door or window, you have a bad seal and cold air will easily be able to seep into your home. This will make your furnace work overtime which drives up your energy bill and may shorten its lifespan. 

To fix the situation without getting all new windows and doors, add (or replace) weatherstripping to leaky frames- the associates at your local hardware store should be able to help you find the right options and explain how to install them. Also, install door sweeps where needed.

If you need Professor Plumb, your Columbiana and Shelby County plumbing company, for preparation needs or for any unexpected plumbing issues this winter, contact us! We’re here for you and we provide a wide variety of plumbing services whenever you need us!  Happy holidays from all of us at Professor Plumb. 

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