4 Frequently Asked Questions about Dishwasher Installation

Having a home is beneficial because you have a permanent place to stay. However, it’s also a responsibility because you need to ensure it’s comfortable to live in. Because of this, all rooms must have the necessary fixtures to make living easier. Naturally, this applies to the kitchen because it’s where meals are made and dishes are washed. Having a dishwasher is recommended for those who don’t like physical labor.

A dishwasher uses a combination of water and heat to wash dishes. What’s great about a dishwasher is that it’s efficient in cleaning dishes. Because of this, it can cut down the time used in washing dishes by a lot. However, many refuse to get it because it’s an added expense. If you’re planning to get one, there are several questions you must ask, such as:

#1 – What’s the Best Dishwasher?

Dishwashers are divided into four distinct categories. These include:

Built-in Dishwashers

Built-in dishwashers are installed on a counter or a cabinet. This advantage is that you don’t need to purchase a special space for it because it’s already a part of the kitchen structure. However, it’s also the most expensive type of dishwasher. While it’s a perfect choice for the most demanding of homeowners, it’s not practical if space is an issue.

Drawer Dishwashers

Drawer dishwashers are similar to built-in dishwashers because they require extra space. However, the extra space is below the sink, where it stays hidden. This advantage is that you can use the space for other things, allowing you to conserve space.

Countertop Dishwashers

As the name suggests, countertop dishwashers sit on top of a counter. It’s on sturdy support, so it doesn’t move when the water is used. Aside from countertops, some also have a small cutlery rack attached.

Free-Standing Dishwashers

Free-standing dishwashers are standalone dishes. You can place it anywhere in the kitchen since it doesn’t need support or any other attachment to the structure. Because of its design, it can be installed anywhere in the house.

#2 – Is Dishwasher Installation a DIY Project?

In many cases, you can install a dishwasher yourself, which is ideal if you’re tight on finances. However, it’s not suitable if you lack experience. Before you attempt to install it, you should familiarize yourself with the process. If you have any doubts, it’s better to get the services of a professional.

#3 – How Much Does Dishwasher Installation Cost?

The cost of dishwasher installation is often overlooked. The reason for this is that most homeowners aren’t aware that they need to get it installed. The cost of dishwasher installation will depend on your budget. However, to give you an idea, here are the average costs:

  • Built-in dishwasher – $1,300
  • Countertop Dishwasher – $525
  • Drawer dishwasher – $800
  • Free-Standing dishwasher – $950

You should remember that rates vary among companies, and you should get at least three quotes to know the reasonable amount. The installation process may also vary, so it’s best to know the specifics. For example, some companies will bring the dishwasher and install it. However, others will only bring the dishwasher, and you must install it yourself.

#4 – When Should a Dishwasher Be Replaced?

If you’re planning to get a dishwasher, you should also consider the cost of replacing it. This might be relevant if it’s only a few years old and you don’t want to spend more to replace it. The good news is that dishwashers usually last for a long time, so it’s not likely to break down within a few years. Here are some warning signs that you can use to determine whether it needs to be replaced or not:

  • If it leaks water when it’s turned off
  • If the filter is clogged
  • If it’s hard to open and close

These signs are indications that the dishwasher needs to be replaced. If you have a dishwasher already a few years old, you should have it checked to know if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.


Dishwashers are a great convenience for busy homeowners. However, you can still get a dishwasher for those who don’t want to spend money because they’re still affordable. There are various types of dishwashers, so you should consider your needs to make an informed decision.

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