Plumbing Tips for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

The kitchen is often the one area in the house that requires significant cleaning and maintenance. Sometimes, homeowners choose to have a full-scale remodeling project to improve their kitchen and get their desired look. 

The kitchen is also the area where meals and general catching up of family members occur, making it an essential part of your home. A remodeled kitchen will make mealtime and conversations even better with your family. 

One of the significant things to consider when remodeling your kitchen is plumbing, so here are some things you should keep in mind:

1. Plumbing Material

There are different types of plumbing material, such as PVC, CPVC, and PEX for plastic, copper piping, stainless steel, and cast iron for metal. Your plumbing material may depend on coding regulations. Each piping material has its fair share of pros and cons, and your plumber will likely use a combination of PVC and copper or stainless steel. 

While PVC is cheaper and is commonly used for drainage, it’s not suitable for the kitchen since it can’t handle hot water. You may want to use PEX piping instead because it’s versatile.

2. Kitchen Layout

A kitchen remodeling must, of course, take into consideration the existing layout of the space. If you want to expand the area, you’ll have to make changes. Regardless if you’ve chosen to expand the layout and design or simply update the space, you’ll probably still need to reroute or upgrade some of the utilities. 

That would include changing old plumbing and gas lines. Your plumber should be able to make the necessary changes and review the blueprint for other possible changes. 

3. Sink Plumbing

If you’re replacing your sink or upgrading your faucet to alter the look of your kitchen, it’s wise to also update the plumbing. As you choose a new sink, you may need to adjust the height and placement of your plumbing fixtures to accommodate it. You may also consider installing a garbage disposal, water heater, filter, and other additions.

The location and material of your old plumbing will be the determining factors of whether you need new pipes. Moreover, upgrading your kitchen from a simple wall sink to an island sink will also require more work and underfloor piping.

4. Refrigerator Plumbing Needs

If you’re planning to have a refrigerator with chilled water and ice dispensers, you might want to adjust your plumbing needs to accommodate them. You should have a map that clearly places your fridge and freezer when planning the plumbing to ensure it has access to the water supply.

If your freezer is self-defrosting, you might not need access to a drainage system as they’re designed to periodically melt small amounts of ice that evaporate in a drip tray. But a manual defrosting freezer will require drainage, so it’s better to place it near a sink or a drainage point where it has access to a hose.


Kitchen remodeling projects can be expensive, but water-efficient faucets and energy-saving appliances can help you save money on water and electricity bills for the longer. Whether you’re doing a full renovation or a simple upgrade, hiring a professional plumber to update your plumbing is smarter and more efficient. 

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